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To achieve your true business potential your organization must have the right systems, services and products in place to ensure peak performance.

Vision and Planning

Turn you vision into action. The first step towards improvement begins with a sound understanding of where you are today. This important step brings greater clarity to the issues at hand and identifies potential obstacles which may be impeding your success.

  • Identify and improve all key business components
  • Align your long term vision with an actionable plan
  • Start your 90-day fast track to a better business
  • Implement a management program to build momentum
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Services Offerings

Often the success of a Managed Services offering rests on how services are packaged and priced to appeal to your target market(s), Xcellerate can help you build service offerings that communicate your true value and clarify exactly what capabilities you bring to market to improve your customers’ business.

  • Service Offerings
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Product Packaging
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Strengthen your brand and stand out from the competition with unique and compelling messaging that makes prospects want to engage with you. We’ll arm you with easy-to-use marketing tools, strategies, templates and guidance that will position you as a trusted adviser instead of an IT repair shop and get you connecting with more customers.

  • Marketing Management
  • Demand Generation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Strategy
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Open more doors and close more deals with all of the tools, processes and step-by-step instructions you’ll need to start selling services like a seasoned professional. From initial contact to signed contract, get everything you need to win more customers faster and easier than ever before.

  • Turn Key MSP CRM
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Tools
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Service Delivery

Your customers depend on you and your ability to deliver but many MSP's struggle with the constant ongoing element of delivering managed services. With Xcellerate's pre-built systems as a service we can help transform your service delivery and get you focused on what really matters – your customers. Ensure you deliver what you’ve promised and give a great customer experience every time.

  • NOC
  • Service Desk
  • Systems & Capabilities
  • Process/Procedures
  • Documentation
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Human Resources

Your people are your competitive advantage so to get the most out of your most valuable asset it pays to have effective people strategies in place. Find out what’s needed to manage your talent recruitment and on-boarding, performance management, compliance, and automate all of your HR functions with our Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

  • Hiring & On-boarding
  • HRIS
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Termination
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If you don't know which Key Performance Indicators drive success, you may want to know how finance services drive your bottom line. By starting with our benchmarking service and moving through to budgeting and financial workshops, you’ll be equipped to take control of your finances and better manage your business success.

  • KPI Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Business Governance
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Great businesses are driven forward by great leaders and the mark of a great leader is one that is constantly learning and evolving. Xcellerate strives to develop successful leaders with services crafted around enabling the heads of businesses to understand the power of effective leadership.

  • Strategy & Goal-Setting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning
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