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Project Description

Helping Greenlight to Take that Next Step

Greenlight Information Services’ founder, Jason Makevich, has all the makings of a successful businessman. He seeks continuous excellence. He drives customer success through delivering the right service levels, and he knows when to engage with the right people to guide his next steps towards the growth of his business.

Understanding how to intelligently grow his small MSP, which has been in business for six years, meant that Jason needed to take time out of his daily operations and take stock of where to next. Jason knew that he needed to make some decisions for growth, but they had to be sound and deliberate. Lack of time made this difficult. Jason was doing all of his technical work on his own, and although he engaged with some part time consultants, he realized that this was not how he wanted to operate.

Jason came across the Xcellerate team at an ASCII event, in Southern California, and a new business partnership was forged. Xcellerate offered Jason a personalized business consultancy and the tools to succeed, at a manageable price. Xcellerate augmented Jason’s skillsets in areas such as finance consulting, service definition frameworks, and human resources planning and execution.

“Without the team from Xcellerate my company would be in no better condition than it was a year ago. Now I am in the position to build the company and grow the company with the tools to realize my vision. Most of the skills I am missing, I found with Xcellerate,” offers Jason.


One specific area of engagement is on the human resources and recruiting side. Jason knows that having the right people on board will make all the difference to how he drives excellence in his service delivery, but hiring the right people is a daunting and time consuming exercise for companies of any size. Typically in leaner businesses like Greenlight, the practices of human resources and talent management are almost non-existent. Yet leaner companies like Greenlight have the most to lose out of bringing on the wrong people or not engaging them properly. Recognizing this, Jason outsourced this process to Meredith Hayes from Xcellerate.

An experienced HR practitioner, Meredith has a passion for people and has spent nearly 20 years building a breadth of skills and experience, both in the US and the UK. She has worn many hats, including employee relations, recruiting, performance management and much more, and also worked for a wide range of companies with profiles spanning from small software/IT start-ups through to very large, multi-national corporations. Meredith made all of that experience available to Greenlight.

Jason delegated as much of his HR function as possible to Meredith and for Greenlight, it was like having a skilled HR Person on staff, with all of the tools and resources in tow. It was with his new relationship with Meredith and Xcellerate’s HR as a Practice, that Jason achieved his first milestone of hiring his first new Systems Engineer.

Meredith helped Jason define what he was looking for in a new hire, and created a post that would attract the right person through popular job boards and professional networks. Targeting and creating the sort of post which would attract the desired calibre of candidates made the exercise much more effective. Xcellerate was integral to the interview process, providing first interviews, screening for cultural fit, and conducting background checks. Out of a large pool of candidates Meredith recommended four people who Jason should meet, all of high quality, thus cutting out a lot of his wasted time. Prior to engaging Meredith, Jason had tried to do exactly this, both on his own, and through a staffing agency, and had little success.

“Meredith did an amazing job of recruiting for Greenlight. I had tried to do it myself, sifting through hundreds of resumes, many bad to terrible, and not even really aware of what I was looking for. Meredith did it in a fraction of the time and presented the opportunity in such a way to make the right talent want to join the company,” says Jason.

Xcellerate are now handling all things HR for Greenlight, comprising the total Employee lifecycle. They are on-boarding new hires, creating a performance management framework, ensuring Greenlight is HR compliant, and the rest, making the experience the right one for any new hires at Greenlight.

Through HR Xcellerator they have also provided Greenlight with an easy to use HR Information System, including job descriptions, goals setting, proactive performance management, training, templates and an employee handbook, compliance law tools and forms – all supported with an HR Hotline. Xcellerate’s HRIS is cloud-based, self service and a totally secure system for all of their clients which will keep employee files in a safe place, forming a totally “paperless” HR system.

With the partnership strengthening between Greenlight and Xcellerate, Jason is also consuming other Xcellerate service offerings, including executive coaching, finance and budget planning, and service definition consulting. Once the talent is onboard, and the services are fully defined, Jason will turn his attention to formalizing his sales structure.


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