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Shorten Your Runway To Growth

The Xcellerate Way Program 

Entry into the Xcellerate ecosystem begins with The Xcellerate Way Program.  This month by month program sets you on the path to becoming a Next Generation MSP. It also provides a platform for other Xcellerate services essential to building your business.

The Xcellerate Way Program includes:

Xcellerate Way Leadership Series:  Strategy and Business Execution

Through one-on-one strategy and coaching sessions and a series of live webinars Xcellerate members learn the 25 fundamentals of building a successful, scalable MSP Business.  A templated strategic planning process is customised for the unique challenges and opportunities of each individual Xcellerate member. Real life business cases are used to inform the process.

Executive Sponsor

Each Xcellerate member can engage either our CXO Jeannine Edwards or our founder Ken Davis as their personal Executive Sponsor. Ken built his own successful 180 person MSP businesses in New Zealand.  Jeannine has spent many years working alongside MSPs to grow their businesses. Your Executive Sponsor is your go-to resource for deep dive discussions on your business, and advice specific to your own unique business challenges and opportunities.

One on One Planning Workshop

This is the first engagement with your Executive Sponsor.  Your Executive Sponsor will engage in discovery on key areas of the business, as well as a deep dive discussion on friction points, gap analysis, etc.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager is responsible for your overall engagement in the Program.  You’ll have monthly calls with your Account Manager, and those calls are planned out to cover a specific 90 day plan action item.  They can include your Executive Sponsor, or one of our SMEs who can workshop a particular challenge and/or initiative.  The Account Manager will set the agenda with you prior to the call.

Play Back & Go Forward Plan

The “team” of the Member and Executive Sponsor will collaborate on a suggested “Top Three” for your 90 day plan.  The plan is uploaded into your Xcellerate Member Portal, and your cadence calls as well as your 90 day catch up to gauge progress as well as engage in ways to help achieve the Top Three.

Quarterly Business Reviews

The team – Member, Executive Sponsor, Account Manager – checks in on 90 day Top Three, decides on next 90 day Top Three, and deep dive discusses various topics according to the priorities of your business.

Access to The Xcellerate Way Portal

The Xcellerate Way Portal is a repository of hundreds of tools, best practices and tips categorized by functional area of the business, and rustproofed monthly by the Xcellerate team.  Each member has access to the Xcellerate Portal, and this is also where we house your Top Three Work, as well as your Xcellerate Way work and one page business plan.

Monthly Collaboration Opportunities

Members have the ability to engage in peer to peer networking.

  • Collaboration Pop Ups – monthly discussions with 5-10 members on a specific topic (ie onboarding, service best practice, KPIs, etc) moderated by an Xcellerate team member
  • Xcellerate Member Quarterly Planning – 5-10 like-minded members (non competitive) workshop their quarterly plans together.  Higher level of accountability and engagement.

  • Cancel Anytime

Once you have signed up to our member services, you then have the option to access our other service offerings including:


Virtual Sales Coaching & Mentoring that is designed to create a foundation for best practice and implement a proven process to drive top line revenue.


Database Management

Generating leads is the jet fuel for your business growth. We provide a proven lead generation method which gives you everything you need to target & close new business.


Digital Marketing 

Designed to target the right market in the right way at the right time to drive credibility, build and maintain brand integrity and in doing so drive inbound lead generation.


Service Delivery

Designed to streamline and optimize operational efficiencies and achieve service delivery excellence.  This one on one consulting engagement offers a deep dive into several functional areas of your business and delivers a customized approach to continuous improvement of your organization.


People and Culture

Having the right people on your bus is paramount. Designed to build a strong talent pool & solid company culture. We work with you to assist with all aspects of building out an HR functional area: full cycle recruitment, on-boarding, HRIS, compliance, talent retention & performance management.



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